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Wondershare PC Health Check 1.5.2

With simply 3 steps, Wondershare PC Health Check completes comprehensive...

With simply 3 steps, Wondershare PC Health Check completes comprehensive system security diagnostics and helps to repair Windows to speed up computer.

It does well in Windows XP repair, for Windows XP has the most vulnerabilities, and other Windows system as well. 1. Fully scan repair Windows 7, Windows Vista , Windows XP and Windows 2000The scan items include Windows and installed software vulnerabilities, key system security settings, unsafe processes, services, startup items and system plug-ins and browser add-ons such as BHOs, toolbars and buttons.

There is an Expert-level deep security scan checking subtler places concerned with shared resources, user privilege management and remote control, etc.

, and your computer gets further care. 2. Generates diagnostics report and guides you to repair Windows systemThe report gives details on potential risks distributed in the system.

It tells what these vulnerabilities and hazards are, where they are located and what they are used for, and rates the risk level for each to help to repair Windows.

3. Repair Windows by fixing vulnerabilities and hazardsPatches for fixing vulnerabilities of Windows and other software are downloaded directly from the official websites, and the speed of downloading via PC Health Check is much faster than that from official sites manually.

You can fix key system setting vulnerabilities process, services, startup and plug-ins problems according to details in the diagnostics report4.

RestoreBefore your each fixing on Wondershare PC Health Check, a backup file is built by which you can restore to the status when the fixing hasn't been processed.

Wondershare PC Health Check


Wondershare PC Health Check 1.5.2